Office Fit Out

The widespread use of glass partitions within this recently completed office fit out
has created some dramatic looking meeting rooms, offices and breakout areas within
the overall working space.

The partitions are all single glazed full height using acoustic laminate glass for an enhanced sound performance and speech privacy within the rooms.

The reception area and one of the larger offices both have a facetted design feature providing an impressive radiused profile to the glazed elevation.

A combination of full height glass doors and full height Walnut veneer doors have been used to provide a high quality finish.

The extensive use of glass has provided a separation of working areas whilst allowing daylight be visible throughout the entire offices.

Many of the solid dividing walls were also covered with a specialist white vinyl wall covering giving a “dry wipe” facility to enable them to be used as a presentation aid. The entire wall can be used as a write on notepad using dry wipe markers which can then be wiped clean and re-used again and again – just no need for obtrusive notice boards.

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